About DennisFilm Lab

Over the years, Dennis Films has learned that it is difficult to integrate post-production technologies and facilities into one company, with such a high threshold. However, Dennis Films pioneers in tech development to revolutionize existing production processes for unlimited possibilities.

Dennis Films includes post-production insights in brainstorming stages, so creativity is not limited by technologies and field situations. Technologies then serve creativity better, removing possible hurdles or even unleashing breakthrough ideas, redefining boundaries to inspire innovation and creativity.


Innovation or Nothing

Innovation starts with execution. We believe in continuous innovations and developments as the way to build up core technologies and capabilities. Superior performances, rather than cost reduction, lead in competitive markets.

Innovative, beautiful and distinct visual effects have produced great works for customers over and over again.

Lab Structure

In-house visual department was founded in 2012. It has since grown to an innovative lab team that includes:

DOP, 2D visual arts(After Effect, Nuke…), 3D engineering(3D, real flow, particle….)

We place these three sections on the same platform to enhance communication. They grow and challenge one another, remove communication barriers, and develop creativity and efficiency impossible in other post-production studios.

They support directors, communication with pre-production teams, and improve special effect productions. They continue to develop better production methods for quality effects and efficient production processes.

Lab Videos

Making of_Honda Accord